Old Antebellum and Plantation houses for sale in the USA | Old Houses USA (2024)

Historic and old Antebellum and Plantation houses for sale. This collection includes the main architectural styles used for Antebellum and Plantation homes and mansions: Neoclassical and Greek Revival.

Note: This list is an attempt to provide a directory for Antebellum and Plantation houses, but not all the houses might belong to these categories. I suggest looking at the pages of the individual states or using the search function on the website for more results.


1865 Greek Revival house in New Orleans, Louisiana - $2.9 Million

Classic Greek Revival house for sale in New Orleans, Louisiana. Built in 1865, renovated in 2021, original details preserved, pine floors, gorgeous stairwell, large French doors, flagstone courtyard, 6 bedrooms, 5534 square feet. $2,950,000.

The Crawford Williams Home, 1848 Greek Revival style in Keatchie, Louisiana - $895k

The Crawford Williams Home for sale in Keatchie, Louisiana. Built in 1848, Greek Revival style, completely restored and lavishly decorated, wood-burning fireplace, elegant chandeliers, 2 bedrooms, heated barn. $895,000.

1848 Greek Revival house in Greenwich, Connecticut - $3.9 Million

Restored Greek Revival house for sale in Greenwich, Connecticut. Built in 1848, plaster moldings, wide plank floors, converted barn, 3-car garage, pool, 4 bedrooms, 3684 square feet. $3,950,000.

1940 Greek Revival house in Asheville, North Carolina - $2.5 Million

Gorgeous Greek Revival house for sale in Asheville, North Carolina. Built in 1940, renovated in 2009, spacious, old world charm, elevator, 7 bedrooms, 8950 square feet. $2,500,000.

The Mansion at Fort Chiswell, 1840 Greek Revival house in Max Meadows, Virginia - $2.9 Million

The Mansion at Fort Chiswell for sale in Max Meadows, Virginia. Built in 1840 by Stephen and Joseph McGavock, Greek Revival style, preserved and upgraded, 15 acres, 12214 square feet. $2,999,900.

1906 Greek Revival house in Johnston, South Carolina - $598k

Splendid Greek Revival house for sale in Johnston, South Carolina. Built in 1906, with cottage and apartment style Cottage. Floors in heart pine, modern kitchen, furnished with charm, 4 bedrooms, 3522 square feet. $598,000.

The Heilig-Foil House, 1858 Italianate and Greek Revival in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina - $650k

The Heilig-Foil House for sale in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina. Built in 1858, Italianate and Greek Revival traits, well-preserved original characteristics, ionic columns, 5 bedrooms. $650,000.

1898 Greek Revival house in Chevy Chase, Maryland - $4.2 Million

Spectacular Greek Revival house for sale in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Built in 1898, rich moldings, lovely architectural detailing, spacious rooms, 6 bedrooms, 8310 square feet. $4,200,000.

Greenfields Farm, 1905 Greek Revival style in Scottsville, Virginia - $6.2 Million

Greenfields Farm for sale in Scottsville, Virginia. Built in 1904, Greek Revival style, 753 acres, 9623 square feet, gleaming heart pine floors, meticulously updated and with original period details. $6,295,000.

The Alice C Plantation, 1847 Greek Revival house in Franklin, Louisiana - $899k

The Alice C Plantation for sale in Franklin, Louisiana. Built in 1847, Greek Revival style with French Creole influences, main structure preserved, several updates, two small houses, breathtaking property. $899,000.

Usry House, 1795 Neoclassical style in Thomson, Georgia - $460k

Usry House for sale in Thomson, Georgia. Built in 1795, Neoclassical style, completely restored, original pine hardwood floors, suspended balcony, guest and carriage houses. $460,000.

White Hall Plantation, 1849 Greek Revival and Italianate house in Lettsworth, Louisiana - $2,9 Million

White Hall Plantation for sale in Lettsworth, Louisiana. Built in 1849 by Elias Norwood, designed by Henry Howard, Greek Revival and Italianate, saltwater pool, 5500 square feet. $2,900,000.

Roseneath, 1832 Greek Revival style house in Jackson, Louisiana - $710k

Roseneath for sale in Jackson, Louisiana. Built in 1832, Greek Revival style, massive fluted Doric columns, gorgeous staircase, opulent living room, 6 bedrooms, 4807 square feet. $710,000.

The Broughton Hall estate, 1837 historical house in Madison, Georgia - $2.8 Million

The Broughton Hall estate for sale in Madison, Georgia. Built in 1837, combines Greek Revival, Italianate, and Gothic Revival elements, 7 bedrooms, 9124 square feet. $2,850,000.

Cornwell Farm, 1828 Georgian Colonial style house in Great Falls, Virginia - $2.4 Million

Cornwell Farm for sale in Great Falls, Virginia. Built in 1828, Georgian Colonial style, Flemish bond brick facade, exceptional craftsmanship, updated kitchen, 4954 square feet. $2,499,900.

The Ballard-Potter-Bellamy House, 1844 Greek Revival style in Wilmington, North Carolina - $1.3 Million

The Ballard-Potter-Bellamy House for sale in Wilmington, North Carolina. Built in 1844, Greek Revival style, architectural gem, carved marble fireplaces, heart pine floors, restored and modernized. $1,300,000.

The Crockett House, 1850 Greek Revival style in Pocomoke City, Maryland - $269k

The Crockett House for sale in Pocomoke City, Maryland. Built in 1850, Greek Revival style, also known as The Sally Jones House or The Cannon Property. $269,900.

1935 Neoclassical house in Henderson, Texas - $1.1 Million

Exquisite Neoclassical house for sale in Henderson, Texas. Built in 1935, beautiful formal living room, patio access, 5287 square feet, guest house. $1,195,000.

The Samuel Knowles Mansion, 1850 Greek Revival style in East Greenwich, Rhode Island - $1.6 Million

The Samuel Knowles Mansion for sale in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. Built in 1850, Greek Revival style, white oak floors, original molding, 2 kitchens, panoramic views. $1,675,000.

1840 Greek Revival house in Holly Springs, Mississippi - $245k

Upgraded Greek Revival house for sale in Holly Springs, Mississippi. Built in 1840, heart of pine floors, several updates, four bedrooms, 2200 square feet. $245,000.

1895 Single-Family house in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida - $5.3 Million

Historic Single-Family house for sale in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Built in 1895 by Simeon Strickland, ceilings and walls of heart pine over 120 years old, luscious garden. $5,300,000.

1913 Neoclassical house in San Antonio, Texas - $1.5 Million

Neoclassical frame-built house for sale in San Antonio, Texas. Built in 1913, with high ceilings and detailed moldings, 3-car garage, view on the historic district. $1,499,000.

Old Antebellum and Plantation houses for sale in the USA | Old Houses USA (2024)


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