Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (2024)

“Nip Slip” is a term used to describe the accidental and unintended exposure of a woman’s nipple. It’s a kind of “wardrobe malfunction” (more on it later) that revolves around a woman’s piece of clothing accidentally exploring her nipples. While the phenomenon of nip slip has been going on for a long time and lot of popular female celebrities have accidentally revealed their nipples in public, the terms “nip slip” and “wardrobe malfunction” truly became a part of the global lexicon, was during the infamous “Nipplegate” incident during the halftime show of SuperBowl XXXVIII in 2004. During the show, Justin Timberlake tore a part of Janet Jackson’s bustier and exposed her right breast to the entire world. It was a massive scandal and had a detrimental effect on Janet Jackson’s career. As time has passed, the sensitivity of people towards the female nipple has changed and nip slips have become less scandalous and more common. However, it still makes the news whenever a celebrity accidentally suffers a nip slip. In this post, we will talk a little about nip slips and wardrobe malfunctions and conclude with some of the most famous celebrity nip slips of all time. Let’s get started.

Before we peel through the fabric and showcase some of the most famous nip slips of all time, let’s talk a little about wardrobe malfunctions. Generally, we get to read this word in news related to Bollywood and Hollywood and people also watch with great interest the photos or videos published in the news related to this word. The specialty of such news is that the person to whom this news is related is depicted as a victim and it is mostly women and that too popular actresses/models, because in common life, even if a woman suffers a nip slip, millions of people won’t be looking at her breasts. So she probably won’t end up being a victim.

What is a wardrobe malfunction?

What is this wardrobe malfunction? And why when the term is associated with actresses or celebrities, they are publicized as victims? Going deeper into the literal meaning, wardrobe malfunction means a malfunction in the wardrobe. Now imagine if there is a defect in the wardrobe, then who should be held responsible for it? If there is a defect in the wardrobe and it is stolen from it, then the wardrobe maker should be held responsible or the thief?

Now we come to the point. In the news related to the Bollywood and Hollywood world, news of an actress becoming a victim of wardrobe malfunction becomes headlines. They also read a lot. In this too, recently at the Zee Cine Awards ceremony, a model-cum-actress named Yami Gautam became a victim of wardrobe malfunction. Yami is not a new or first victim. Even before this, many actresses including Hollywood’s Pamela Anderson and Bollywood’s Mallika Sherawat have become victims of this wardrobe malfunction. But what’s the point of being victims of actresses in such incidents? If actresses or celebrities become victims of such wardrobe malfunction, then who is responsible for it?

Are wardrobe malfunctions planned?

It is also commonly said about the wardrobe malfunction, that some celebrities are ready to become such victims of publicity stunt intentionally, while some unknowingly also become such victims. Once again, let’s combine reality with the literal meaning of wardrobe malfunction. It is clear that if there is a defect or defect in the wardrobe and then it is stolen, then the thief cannot be held completely responsible.

One cannot say that the wardrobe became a thief or a victim of theft. We should improve the wardrobe. Yes, if the wardrobe is not defective and theft happens, then we can blame the police and law and order, but if there is a defect in the wardrobe, then first we should rectify the defect of the wardrobe.

This also applies to Bollywood-Hollywood celebrities. They should refrain from wearing deceitful clothing in public gatherings if they really feel annoyed and do not want to be victims themselves. If an actress comes to public functions wearing such treacherous clothes, then she can be held responsible for wardrobe malfunction according to the literal meaning of the word. The people who took their photos or viewed them cannot be held responsible. In this way even titles like becoming a victim of wardrobe malfunction will be called unhelpful and nonsensical.

One of the actresses who wears stunning dresses but avoids wardrobe malfunctions and nip slips successfully is Priyanka Chopra. Let’s find out how she does it.

Priyanka Chopra Nip Slip: How does she avoid it?

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (1)

Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ dress at the recent Grammy Awards may have been criticized a lot, but she looked quite stunning. The admiration and confidence with which Priyanka carried the ultra-deep neck Ralph & Russo gown was a sight to behold. However, at that time a question must have come in the minds of people: how did Priyanka save herself from a dreaded nip slip with a dress like that? After all, more than half of her breasts were visible and the dress barely went over her nipple, it looked like a matter of millimetres.

A special fabric helped Priyanka Chopra avoid a nip slip

Priyanka talked about her famous gown and told how she avoided becoming a victim of wardrobe malfunction. In a conversation with US Weekly, Priyanka said that all this happened because of a fabric that was transparent and looked exactly like skin. “Whenever Ralph & Russo creates couture or custom outfits for me, they always make them fit perfectly with my body and take into account things like wardrobe malfunctions,” she said. People would think that it is very difficult to carry such a dress. But Ralph & Russo fitted the dress with a silky thin mesh-like thing that matched my skin tone so that it didn’t move around.’

“You (people) won’t even see it in pictures. But even if this was not the case, there were no chances of a wardrobe malfunction as it was like a net.

What is Priyanka Chopra’s opinion on nip slips?

‘Risk about clothes? Never.”

Priyanka Chopra further added that she would never risk a nip slip for an award show. That is, she will not wear such an outfit, due to which she has to be upset. Priyanka also said that she wants every dress to stick to her body. She said, ‘I don’t get nervous when I decide to wear an outfit because I feel very secure when I go out. I don’t even go out until I am secure about my dress.

Let us tell you that there was a lot of hue and cry over Priyanka’s Grammy Awards dress. Even a designer had commented on her look and dress, after which actress Suchitra Krishnamurthy landed in support of Priyanka. However, later that designer gave his side and said that there is an age to wear every piece of clothing.

Priyanka Chopra doesn’t bother herself with trolls nor does she take criticism in a negative way. That’s why by sharing a post a few days ago, she appealed to the people that life is a priceless gift and people should be humble and kind.

Which was the first well known wardrobe malfunction in India?

The world of fashion is full of glamour, but in this dazzling world, some such incidents also happen which become a bad memory for a person. Something similar happened with model and actress Gauhar Khan as well. It was an incident that she will probably never forget. It was also the first time that the word “wardrobe malfunction” became a part of India’s lingo.

Every year special fashion shows are organized for the designers to showcase new designs, patterns etc. according to the season. Celebrities reach out to see them. However, sometimes these shows come into the limelight not because of the designer or their collection but because of some incidents which are embarrassing. A similar incident happened with model and actress Gauhar Khan.

The dress was supposed to highlight the figure of the actress

In fact, Gauahar Khan became a showstopper for designer Lascelle Symons at the 2006 Lakme Fashion Show. A dress highlighting the figure of the actress was chosen for the ramp walk. Her outfit was topped with a golden off-shoulder top with a straight cut at the neckline. On the waist, it was kept skin tight so that Gauahar’s slim figure could be flaunted. The black port below in the dress was also completely bodycon style. In this, the knot pattern was kept from above and the fish tail pattern was kept from the back.

If Gauahar wore this dress on the day of the show, her beauty was worth seeing. The actress was given a sleek hair with back puff hairstyle with this outfit. The lower part of the gown was given a bow-pattern from the back which was giving it a more beautiful and delicate look. When the ramp walk started, Gauahar was seen walking confidently but carefully in this dress made of net and chiffon, because its fitting was too tight.

While she was walking the ramp, everything was fine till then, but as soon as she started turning back, suddenly the dress got torn from her hip. When Gauahar realized this, she tried to hide the skin with her hand, but the torn part was too big, as soon as she reached backstage. It did not take long for the pictures and videos of the incident that was captured in the camera to go viral and an FIR was lodged accusing her of indecent exposure

When the police investigated, they did not find anything that the case could be continued, they closed the case. Gauahar and the designer both agreed that the incident was just an accident, it was not done intentionally by anyone. Even before the police, Gauahar denied any such apprehension and got her statement recorded. However, people continued to target her after that.

People alleged that the designer and even Gauahar had used this “cheap method” for popularity. For years, people kept dragging this incident of Gauhar in front of them again and again. In an interview, Gauahar was asked again, ‘Did you do this intentionally?’ In response, the actress refused and presented her side. However, later on reaching home, she wept bitterly in front of her sister. In an episode of ‘Khan Sisters’, she was seen crying to her sister Nigaar, ‘Who would want to intentionally do this to herself . After all, which girl would want to let this happen to her?’ At that time Nigaar had also become emotional and he handled his sister very hard.

Which are the most famous celebrity nip slips of all time?

As long as actresses have worn dresses and appeared in public, nip slips have taken place (the dresses don’t even have to be extremely racy, sometimes nip slips have happened in conservative dresses as well). However, most of the time, a nip slip is a result of an outfit which is quite revealing and flirts with the danger of unintended nipple exposure. Some female celebrities like Miley Cyrus are active participants of the #FreeTheNipple campaign, so a random nip slip might not be something that might affect Cyrus much. However, there are quite a few celebrities who don’t share her enthusiasm towards nip slips and we will talk about them as well. Let’s get started:

Janet Jackson

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (2)

If Helen of Troy had a face that launched a thousand ships, Janet Jackson has the nipple which promptly put the terms “nip slip” and “wardrobe malfunction” in everybody’s dictionary. Till date, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake have claimed that the “nipplegate” was accidental and he was supposed to just tear one part of her bustier and leave a lacy bra covering her breasts. However, he “accidentally” ripped both things off, baring Jackson’s right breast for the whole world to see. Whether it was planned or accidental, it is for you to decide, but one thing is inarguable, this was the occasion which put nip slips on a world stage.

Miranda Kerr

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (3)

Miranda Kerr is one of the world’s most popular supermodels. In the world of glamour, nip slips aren’t that unusual. However, this double nip slip happened away from the runway as Kerr’s top just slid under her breasts during an outdoor photoshoot. It was an accident but she is a seasoned model and wasn’t really perturbed by the paparazzi getting multiple shots of her exposed nipples.

Miley Cyrus

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (4)

Miley Cyrus is a #FreeTheNipple activist so seeing her nipple online isn’t really that surprising. There is no shortage of Miley Cyrus nip slip photos online and the one featured here is just one of many. As a matter of fact, Miley Cyrus keeps posting a lot of “strategically blurred” photos of her nipples on Instagram as well.

Emma Watson

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (5)

This nip slip was clearly accidental and not planned. Harry Potter star Emma Watson’s dress shifted a little too much to the right and exposed a small section of her left nipple. Even though there was a silicone covering on top of it, people could see the nipple through it. Speaking about the nip slip, Emma Watson said “It [the nipple] doesn’t show, but I was absolutely terrified.”

Jessica Simpson

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (6)

Since she arrived on the scene, Jessica Simpson has attracted a lot of attention for her breasts. With the whole world fixated on them, it wasn’t surprising when a brief nip slip was captured and chronicled for eternity. Jessica Simpson didn’t notice that her right breast had gone rogue and had given a peak of her nipple to the ravenous paparazzi.

Britney Spears

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (7)

Glamorous pop stars and nip slips go hand in hand. Britney Spears was an absolute sex symbol of the 2000s and she has suffered nip slips on a few occasions. This one saw her skimpy green dress slide under her nipple and expose them to the world.

Jennifer Lopez

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (8)

Jennifer Lopez is famous for wearing dresses that leave little to imagination. As a matter of fact, it was her plunging green dress during the 2000 Grammy Awards that gave birth to Google Image Search. As racy as her clothes have been, sometimes JLo has accidentally shown more than what she would’ve wanted. While announcing the Best makeup nominees during the Oscars ceremony, people saw a glimpse of her left nipple (or the areola, anatomically speaking). However, both JLo and her stylist categorically denied that there was any nip slip during the event.

Malaika Arora

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (9)

Malaika Arora is one of Bollywood’s favorite actresses. She often shares her pictures and videos which go viral very fast. Malaika Arora is known for her fashion statements. She wears luxurious clothes. Due to this, she also looks very beautiful. She has been aging very gracefully and isn’t shy of flaunting the body that she has worked very hard to maintain. Malaika Arora has also been a victim of embarrassment many times, giving people more than what they had come to see. Malaika Arora once attended an event wearing a Thai high slit gown. On this occasion, she fell victim to an ‘oops moment’ and a wardrobe malfunction occurred with her. These pictures of Malaika Arora became very viral on social media.

Malaika Arora was seen at the grand finale of Miss Diva Universe last year. She wore a one-shoulder gown by George Chakra. It was in yellow color and floral design. It was paired with Golden Hills. She wore a diamond hanging. She was also wearing earrings. As soon as Malaika Arora stood to pose in front of the camera on the red carpet, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction. However, Malaika Arora, understanding the fragility of the talk, immediately started posing in a different style.

Mariah Carey

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (10)

Another legendary pop star who suffered a nip slip. Mariah Carey is a legendary singer who is well known for her infinite range. She was also well known for her buxom bosoms. She has had minor nip slips over the course of her career. And the accompanying image is one of the instances.

Nicki Minaj

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (11)

Nicki Minaj is a pop star who flaunts her sexuality and never shies away from singing about sex. She suffered a nip slip during a GMA event where her left nipple popped out of her top. A lot of people claimed that it was an intentional publicity stunt. Nicki Minaj rubbished the rumours and said that she would never do things like that on purpose.

Lady Gaga

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (12)

Lady Gaga is known for her outlandish costumes and a very eclectic fashion taste. It isn’t a surprise that she has suffered numerous nip slips in her career. During the 2011 CFDA awards, Lady Gaga’s bustier couldn’t stay in place and everybody could see her nipples through her sheer top. However, Lady Gaga wasn’t really affected by that and continued wearing what she wanted. She even had numerous other nip slips in the future but it didn’t affect her.

Tara Reid

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (13)

Tara Reid was a star in the early 2000s, appearing in numerous hit movies before her life went off the rails and she descended into a drug fuelled spiral. But before all of that, she did suffer a memorable nip slip at Diddy’s 35th birthday party. At the red carpet, Tara Reid suffered far more than just a nip slip. Reid’s black Dior dress couldn’t stay on her left breast for long and just fell off her shoulder, exposing her entire left breast and nipple to everyone. She didn’t seem to realize it at that moment and continued posing with an exposed left breast. The paparazzi weren’t complaining.

Khloe Kardashian

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (14)

Even though the Kardashians have some of the most manufactured personalities and lifestyles in the world, they can also suffer the occasional nip slip from time to time. However, with the Kardashians, you can’t really tell if the nip slip was intentional or accidental. Khloe appeared on Fox and Friends and her right nipple was the centre of attention for over five minutes. The fact that no one pointed it out for that long hints at the whole nip slip being planned. Her nipples kept poking out of her shirt for a long time.

Kirsten Dunst

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (15)

Kirsten Dunst’s nip slip is a great example of the fact that bikini tops can’t always be trusted for protecting the goods. Especially when you are in the sea. The waves probably pushed Dunst’s bikini top over her breasts and revealed her nipples when she emerged from the water.


Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (16)

Rihanna wore a see through netted dress over her breasts and people could clearly see her nipples as well as her right nipple piercing. However, this looked more like an instance of the #FreeTheNipple movement rather than a nip slip. Nothing slipped and Rihanna’s nips were clearly visible throughout the event.

Kendall Jenner

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (17)

Kendall Jenner goes braless with sheer tops or barely-there tops so often that we aren’t sure if catching a glimpse of her nipples is a “nip slip” or just Kendall Jenner being a passionate #FreeTheNipple activist. Either way, there is no shortage of Kendall Jenner nip slip pictures online and the one featured here is just one of many.

Nip Slip Explained: Definition and Iconic Nip Slip Moments That Shaped Pop Culture - Khabari Bhayiya (2024)


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